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What to do after a car accident in the UAE

The following procedures should be followed if you’re involved in a car accident in the UAE

In the UAE, we may, unfortunately, find ourselves in a car accident at some point. Being prepared to deal with such a situation is a legal requirement and you should always be aware of what to do if the worst should happen.

Different levels of incidents exist, of course. This guide focuses on collisions between two or more cars in which no serious injuries have been sustained. If you suffer a serious injury, call 999 for an ambulance immediately. For serious injuries, the same steps apply.

A police report is the most important document to obtain after a collision. Legally and financially, you can get into serious trouble if you lack this.

For police assistance in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, dial 999. For traffic police in Abu Dhabi and its suburbs, dial 999.

Collision With Another Vehicle

Step 1: Tie the area down

  1. You must stop in the safest place as soon as possible after an incident occurs, whether you have hit someone or someone has hit you (do not obstruct traffic).
  2. Get out of your car and turn on your hazard lights (if it is safe to do so).
  3. Ensure that everyone involved, including those in your car and those in other cars, is safe.
  4. You can hand the license plate number to the police when they arrive if the other driver speeds away from the accident scene.

Step 2: Alert the authorities

  1. If you have crashed, call 999 and tell the operator you need the police. It will be necessary for you to explain where you are. If an ambulance is required for any injured person (even if you suspect they need medical attention), request one as well.
  2. You will need your driving license, registration card, Emirates ID or passport.
  3. It would be helpful if you could take some pictures of the damage to your car. Remember that you must have permission to take photos of other people, so don’t photograph the people in the other car.

Step 3: Maintain calm and follow instructions

  1. That is why it is recommended to hire a safe driver for important meetings rather than driving by yourself because distractions and thoughts of meetings get you involved in a collision.
  2. When you have a collision, there is a good chance that at least one person involved – perhaps even you – will be very frustrated about the situation. Never lose your temper, assign blame, or get into an argument. Keep calm and insist that the police will take action when they arrive if the other driver (or even a passenger) yells at you.
  3. Don’t pester, hurry, or make hand gestures when the police arrive. As the attending officer will give you the opportunity to speak, remain calm, and wait until you are spoken to. Police will determine who is at fault – usually, the driver behind is blamed. Normally, the Police Report is issued in Arabic.
  4. Pink forms are issued to the at-fault driver; Green forms are issued to the innocent driver; White forms are issued when neither party is accused or the accused is unknown (see Section 3);
  5. The attending police officer will give you instructions (this will vary based on the situation).

Step 4: After the Police, Report has been issued

  1. In the event that you rented a car, call your insurance company or the car-rental company as soon as possible to inform them of what has happened. You can let them know that you have a copy of the Police Report and that the car should be picked up from the specified address.
  2. The insurance company will advise you what to do with the police report (make a copy if you can, or take a picture with your phone).
  3. A dented bumper or panel is only cosmetic damage, so you can drive away (although you should first ask the police officer).
  4. Cars with substantial damage, or broken lights or glass, cannot be driven away. Your insurer will usually dispatch a recovery truck.

Check with your insurance company what their accident procedures are. Insurers have been reported to not offer recovery services. Know what your policy covers. If you need a recovery truck in the UAE, make sure you have a couple of phone numbers at hand.

Step 5: Don’t flee

  1. Regardless of the intensity or apparent fault, you must stop when you collide with another vehicle. You will receive six black points and receive a fine of Dh500 if you fail to stop after an accident.
  2. If you cause serious injury and drive off, you will receive black points (which may result in a ban) and your vehicle will be confiscated for at least 60 days.

What Happens If You Strike Something Other Than A Car?

The police must be notified if your car is damaged on anything other than another vehicle, such as a concrete wall or pillar in a parking lot.

In the case that you reversed out of your parking spot and damaged your headlamp on the concrete pillar, you won’t be able to get your headlamp repaired without a Police Report. You should contact them as soon as possible, leaving the car where it is (or in a safe place).

Depending on the situation, you may be charged a call-out fee or even asked to contribute to the repair.

How To Handle An Incident Where Someone Runs Into Your Parked Car Without You Being There

You are sadly responsible for the aftermath if someone runs into your parked car while it was parked.

In an ideal world, the person who ran into your car while it was parked would have called the police, but this doesn’t always happen. In most mall parking lots, CCTV cameras are present; check first to see if any are nearby. In the event that CCTV is present, contact security and ask them to replay the tape so you can identify the culprit. No action can be taken if there are no CCTV cameras.

Regardless of the situation, the police should be notified and asked to attend so that a police report can be issued. If CCTV footage exists, you can explain your findings to the police, who will then punish the offender accordingly.

It is likely that you will have to foot the bill yourself if there is no evidence.

Does Hiring A Safe Driver Saves You From Collisions

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