How Monthly Driver Service Can Enhance Your Commute In Dubai

Visiting your favorite colleagues, grabbing snacks from the kitchen, and not having to worry about household chores are all reasons to love going to work. The one thing most people agree on is that commuting stinks.

A long drive, a long train ride, or a tiring cycle can often make commuting feel like a waste of time.  That’s why hiring a monthly driver service in Dubai can not only enhance your commute in Dubai but will also give the feeling of being relaxed.

Enhance Your Commute With These Creative Ideas

Have you got a long commute? Here’s how to make the most of it.  Here are some ideas for what to do during your commute. A monthly driver service lets you do so many constructive things that are not possible if you’re traveling through bus, metro, tram or driving your own car.  You don’t need to scroll through TikTok or wish time away to come up with these ideas.

Reading a Book

Buy a book or download an audiobook instead of mindlessly listening to the radio in the car or scrolling through Instagram on the subway. Select books you’ve always wanted to read, but never found the time. Reading fiction books for pleasure could also be alternated with reading nonfiction books that would benefit your work, health, or personal life.

Listening Podcasts

There are thousands of podcasts available, so you’re sure to find one to keep you entertained on your commute.  So you can have something for every mood and every day, find a few shows that focus on your hobbies, interests, and industry. Only a monthly driver service in Dubai will let you listen to your favorite podcast because it is not possible in the metro. Hearing podcasts needs focus.

Learning a Skill

Depending on what you want to learn, you may be able to work on it on your commute rather than setting aside a Sunday afternoon for it. For work, you can learn skills like leadership, graphic design, or storytelling by reading books, listening to podcasts, or taking online courses. Watching rock-climbing tutorials, reading photography magazines, looking up tasty recipes, or practicing knitting may be of interest to you in your personal life.

Learning a Language

You can learn a foreign language on your commute. You can listen to language-learning podcasts while driving, such as Duolingo, Coffee Break Languages, and News in Slow. You have more options if you can commute hands-free, like on the subway. Consider language-learning apps like Duolingo, Babbel, or Memrise in addition to language podcasts. Alternatively, you can buy books for whatever level you are at or review flashcards during your commute.


Make connections with colleagues and people in your industry, as well as friends and family. Hiring a safe driver Dubai will let you increase networking. You can use LinkedIn or Twitter to connect with people in your field, attend networking events near you, and send out some cold emails.

Making a To-Do List

Feel frazzled before the day begins? Take advantage of your commute time. You should review your emails to see if any urgent tasks need to be added to your to-do list, check your calendar for meetings, and then write down everything you need to do. You could write a to-do list for the evening on your way home. Netflix won’t ensnare you unless you’re planning on binge-watching. Consider any household chores you need to accomplish, weekend plans you want to make, or personal tasks you need to complete.

Reply to Emails

As long as you have hands-free access to your emails, you can read through them and draft replies for any that you can reply to on the move. Apart from emails, you could use this time to prepare your presentation or read through a colleague’s slide deck. By doing some work on your commute, you will feel productive during your commute and alleviate some of your workload at work


Always wanted to try meditation but have yet to find the time? Your commute may be the perfect opportunity. Meditating on the way to work ensures you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day. Meditating on the way home can relieve stress or anxiety from the workday.

Download an app like Headspace or Calm ahead of time for guidance, or look up a meditation you’d like to try. If you want to try it alone, try box breathing. Breathe for four seconds, hold your breath for four seconds, exhale for four seconds, and have for four seconds. Imagine working your way around a box outside. Repeat this for as long as you like to relax your body and mind. If you’re traveling with a personal safe driver, you can still quieten your mind. Focus on your breath and your surroundings, and put on relaxing music or calming sounds. Think about what you’re grateful for and looking forward to.

Working on yourself

Personal branding is becoming increasingly important in the workplace. Think about what kind of image you want to portray to the world during your commute.  You can use your commute to update your LinkedIn profile. Update your social media profiles including cleaning up any old posts. Update your website or portfolio. Research networking events to attend. Reach out to old and new connections.  Respond to connection requests or cold emails you’ve received.

Hurdles of Life

It’s no coincidence that people often come up with their best ideas while showering or running. Inspiration can be found by stepping away from your desk and closing the Google Doc. Spend your travel time thinking through a tricky report you’re writing, a significant decision you have to make, or a problem at work. It may be what you need to make a breakthrough when you’re in a different environment and have the mental space to play with new ideas.

Side Hustle

You can work on a side hustle during your commute, whether you’re freelance writing, building an app, or selling art. Sending pitches to magazines, brainstorming articles, contacting designers, reviewing bugs, or updating your Etsy page are all options. You can also do any easy admin on your commute, such as responding to emails, paying taxes, or posting to social media.


You can write on your commute, whether you want to write a novel or need to finish a report. During your commute, you are not distracted by colleagues. Your phone notes might be a good place to write poetry. If you want to prepare a presentation script, you can record yourself speaking in the car and write it later.

Personal To-Dos

When you get home from work, the last thing you want to do is run personal errands. Take advantage of your commute time to do them. You could book dentist appointments, book flights, renew your car insurance, buy birthday presents for your kids, and organize your phone. Look up recipes to make this week or pay your bills. Make plans for the weekend. Make plans for your upcoming vacation. Place an order for grocery delivery.


These valid reasons which we discussed above will surely have increased the value for the need of a personal safe driver for daily commute. We always think to take out some time and use that in our productivity but that idea remains an idea within the mind, it doesn’t become reality.

Why not remove this biggest hurdle of life and give someone else the steering wheel? Hire a  monthly driver service from SafeDriverDubai and be relaxed for the whole month.