Distracted Driving: How to Prevent the Top 6 Consequences

Fleet managers might already know about distracted driving’s dangers or have experienced accidents caused by it firsthand. Yet statistics show that distracted driving is still on the rise, despite the fact we all know (or should know) it’s dangerous.

According to WHO, drivers have been using mobile phones while driving more over the past 5–10 years, ranging from 1% to 11%. There are some reasons why drivers might use their phones behind the wheel. It’s because of pressure to be productive, traffic, wanting to stay connected, and frustration.

What Exactly Is Distracted Driving?

The term distracted driving basically describes any activity you do while driving (or should be). Drivers lose their focus, which compromises their safety, as well as the safety of passengers, pedestrians, and other road users.

Today, smartphone use behind the wheel is one of the most popular distractions. The crash risk is 23 times higher than driving distracted. Injuries and fatalities on the road are also caused by mobile phones.

It’s possible to stop distracted driving with technology and training. Drivers (professionals or not) should also look at the consequences.

Consequences Of Distracted Driving

Here are 6 distracted driving consequences that can affect your company, your drivers, and your community.

Being involved in a collision

Even the best drivers can get into a wreck if they get distracted. What’s the number of distracted driving accidents? In 2021, distracted driving caused 13 percent of all fatal accidents in the UAE. So if you’re distracted, you’re more likely to get in a crash, get injured, or die.

Lost productivity

Driver performance can suffer if they’re not focused on their tasks. Even if distracted driving doesn’t cause serious injuries or collisions, it still affects your business because drivers might need to take time off or your vehicle might need to be replaced, leading to downtime and lost productivity.

Criminal penalties

Even if not leading to injuries or fatalities, being distracted behind the wheel when you use your phone can lead to fines and sanctions and to incur penalty points on your license, which can have consequences on your criminal record and your ability to work as a driver.

Higher insurance premiums

NHTSA says distracted driving causes more accidents and higher insurance costs, in addition to the tragedy. Insurers have to pay more claims when accident rates are high. Insurance companies pass on these costs to customers by raising premiums, often based on driving records with traffic violations and accidents. In the US, auto insurance premiums have gone up 16% since 2011, corresponding to distracted driving accidents.

Lost driving privileges

You’ll have to hire someone else and spend time and resources if drivers get too many penalty points, as their license will be suspended or revoked.

Damaged reputation

A distracted driver getting into a collision shouldn’t make the news. This isn’t just because of the incident, but also because of your image. You might have fewer growth opportunities if potential customers are less likely to work with you.

Distracted Driving Is Preventable: Here’s What You Can Do

What drivers can do

When you’re driving, don’t multitask. If you need to adjust your mirrors, pick music, eat, make a phone call, or read a text or email, do it before or after your trip, not while you’re driving. You can use external icons to avoid using your phone while driving. You can reduce distractions while driving by using an app.

Drive alone

Drivers are said to listen to the radio, drink caffeinated drinks, take a look at speed cameras, and be surrounded by police officers, according to Edelmann’s research. Driving alone, on the other hand, was the single most important factor for concentrating.

Speak Up

Speak up if you are a passenger in a car with a distracted driver. Ask the driver to focus on driving. Reduce distractions for the driver by assisting with navigation or other tasks.

What can parents do?

Make sure your teen or young adult understands the rules and responsibilities of driving. And if they still lack in their skill, hire a safe driver for their personal convenience. Share stories and statistics about teen and young adult drivers and distracted driving. Make sure they understand that driving is a skill that requires full attention.

Be sure to emphasize that texts and phone calls can wait until you reach your destination. Your teen should be familiar with the guidelines of your state’s graduated driver licensing program.

Know the laws

Know the laws related to distracted driving in your state. A number of states have provisions in their distracted driving laws that apply to drivers. Discuss distracted driving with your kids. Know the penalties for talking or texting while driving in your state.

Parents Are the Key

Set your family’s rules of the road by filling out CDC’s Parent-Teen Driving Agreement pdf icon together. Your family’s road rules may be stricter than your state’s. Get involved with your teen’s driving with these simple and effective methods.

Hire a safe driver

Use a day to day driver service, monthly service, driver with car services whenever you want to reach a destination with hassle-free ride. Hiring a driver in a safe, convenient, and comfortable manner.

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