How to Hire a Monthly Personal Drivers in Dubai: Cost & Benefits

How to Hire a Monthly Personal Drivers in Dubai: Cost & Benefits

Our expectations have risen significantly as we evolve and get cutting-edge solutions for every domain in life.

From machinery to mobility, we are looking for sophisticated yet highly advanced solutions that comfort us in the best possible way. 

Dubai, the city of immigrants, has sound transportation infrastructure, but the highly engaged and dynamic traffic can concern visitors or residents. 

This guide explores and provides insights into the tremendous benefits of hiring a personal chauffeur service. It also contains a brief section about the cost analysis. 

 Why Hire a Personal Driver in Dubai?

When a city is known as a business icon, there is no doubt about its highly busy road conditions. Particularly at peak hours, it is critical to navigate the roads as they are full to capacity.

Other than busy hours, several other factors can impact road circumstances at any moment. For instance, unpredictable weather conditions, traffic congestion, and parking loads are the major reasons that hiring personal drivers in Dubai monthly is an easy and optimal solution.

The most common reasons for hiring a personal chauffeur service are mentioned below.

  • Comfort and time-saving
  • Running daily chores
  • Safety and Security
  • Leisure and business travel in Dubai
  • Special events

Understanding the Cost of Hiring a Personal Driver

It is usually mistaken that the cost of hiring a monthly corporate driver is a lot more than compared to conventional taxi services.  

Few factors directly impact the cost, but it is worth hiring because of the superior services and exceptional rides. The most influential factors are the following, and they are valid enough to warrant higher costs.

  • Driver’s experience and qualifications
  • Full-time vs. part-time employment
  • Additional perks and benefits
  • Monthly salary
  • Additional costs (Visa, accommodation)

If we compare RTA-approved driver companies in Dubai with taxis, there is a fine line between their services and costs. Certain parameters control the cost.

Taxis are beneficial for short and single trips at local hours. But at peak hours and for the daily commute, it is not recommended at all.

The taxi offers fixed rates for a fixed distance for a certain period of time. Otherwise, their rates fluctuate greatly depending on their own choice.

On the other hand, RTA-approved drivers offer personalized trips with more convenient and reliable services at fixed rates, no matter when you need them. 

Steps to Hire a Monthly Personal Driver from an RTA-Approved Company in Dubai

Identify Your Requirements

The process is straightforward when you hire a monthly personal driver in Dubai . The first and most crucial step is to identify your requirements.

By requirements, it points to whether you need a driver with a car for full-time or part-time work. It also includes the hours you need to hire a driver and the duties you want to instruct and perform for the driver. 

It also contains some of your personalized priorities. For instance, you want a driver who is multilingual so you can communicate easily or one who is a local citizen to gain insights about the city with his local expertise. 

Research and Select RTA-Approved Companies

It is critical to investigate and do thorough research before selecting service providers to avoid any legal concerns. 

The first step is to explore the list of RTA-approved driver companies in Dubai. Make sure to verify the approval by visiting the RTA’s official website and checking the company’s name or credentials there.

Also, reading reviews and testimonials can be a genuine source that can help you find the true aspects of the service from those who have already experienced the ride with the specific service provider. 

Contact the Selected Companies

Once you shortlist the RTA-approved companies, the next step is to make an initial inquiry. This comprises basic information, including the services they offer, their availability, and their rates. 

After you are satisfied with the initial information, request explicit information about everything. From the hiring process to the terms of services and the termination of the driver, clear all your doubts and concerns. Clearing the queries on time can be beneficial for the future. 

Conduct Interviews and Screen Drivers

When you are about to choose your personal driver in Dubai monthly, you need to do it very carefully. Interview the potential drivers and question them according to your needs and requirements to assess their suitability.

The fundamental questions you need to ask are about their driving experiences, local exposure to Dubai’s roads and routes, and handling sudden specific challenges.

Furthermore, do not forget to conduct background checks and verify the driver’s license and ID issued by RTA. 

Finalize the Agreement

After following all the crucial steps, the last yet most important one is to review the agreement and all the mentioned terms.

Don’t hesitate to clarify all your doubts at that very moment. Make sure about the salary and, specifically, the time policy.

Also, understanding the terms of termination and trial duration clauses is crucial for the stress-free and satisfactory hiring of a personal driver. 


If you are ready to enjoy your everyday commute in the most comfortable way, getting your monthly corporate driver is the most beneficial option. 

From services to cost, it benefits you in every way, ensuring that you are availing of the most reliable service in the city. Whether you are a visitor or a businessman who wants to explore the United Arab Emirates, numerous services, such as private drivers from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, are available. These services cater to all your personalized demands and make your trip memorable.