Exploring the Local Knowledge and Expertise of Drivers in Dubai

UAE drivers are neither among the safest nor the most dangerous in the world, according to the World Health Organization. In the UAE, 18.1 people die on the road for every 100,000 people. Compared to countries like the UK (3.1 people), the USA (12.4 people), Canada (5.8 people) and France (5.5), this figure is higher. On the other hand, countries like India and Venezuela have higher statistics, with 22.6 and 33.7 deaths per 100,000 people, respectively.

Dubai, being a vibrant and diverse metropolis, has unique characteristics that influence driver’s navigation of roads. In this blog, you will see valuable insights into the transportation culture, traffic patterns, and navigational preferences in the city.

Dubai’s Local Driver Knowledge And Expertise

Here are some aspects to consider when exploring Dubai drivers’ local knowledge and expertise:

Road Infrastructure and Landmarks:

Experienced drivers in Dubai know the city’s road network, including major highways, bridges, and interchanges. They know prominent landmarks that help them navigate the city efficiently. Similarly, the driver services provider companies also train their employed drivers about the road infrastructure if they’re new in the UAE.

Traffic congestion patterns:

Drivers in Dubai are accustomed to heavy traffic, especially during peak hours and weekends. Expert monthly driver service dubai hired through leading companies know the typical congestion points. They also develop alternative routes to avoid bottlenecks. Similarly, there are some areas where parking is too expensive. If you hire a safe driver then make sure he is aware of free or less charged parking zones of UAE.

Cultural and Social Norms:

Dubai is a multicultural city, and drivers often come from diverse backgrounds. Mostly they are the expats from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. These South Asian people are very down-to-earth in nature. They treat you in the nicest way, so it is upon us to also treat them in a kind way. It would not be an exaggeration to say that they are the real heroes of the UAE. They pick us up and drop us off in the scorching heat of summer and even travel up to 10 hours a day, especially in the Inter Emirates. Understanding cultural and social norms can help you anticipate the behavior of other drivers.

Public transportation awareness:

Drivers in Dubai generally know the public transportation options available, such as the metro, buses, and taxis. They may adjust their routes based on public transport availability and efficiency. So that you may not get stuck in the traffic. Expert corporate drivers who are hired for pick-and-drop services for corporate professionals are aware of peak hours of traffic.

Parking Practices:

Knowledgeable drivers in Dubai know parking regulations and parking space availability in different areas of the city. They may have strategies for finding parking spots, especially in busy areas. Because parking is very expensive in some areas of Dubai. The safest driver is the one who knows the free parking zones all over Dubai and in other Emirates of UAE as well.

Weather Conditions:

Dubai experiences extreme temperatures during certain seasons, and drivers adapt their driving behavior accordingly. They understand the challenges posed by sandstorms and heavy rains. Those drivers who are physically strong and can bear the scorching heat waves of UAE are the ones who can easily progress in their profession in UAE.

Tourist Hotspots:

Dubai is a popular tourist destination. Drivers are often familiar with the locations of popular tourist attractions, hotels, and shopping centers, allowing them to efficiently cater to visitors’ needs. Hiring a personal driver dubai monthly can help you to explore the tourist hotspots in the full range. When you give the wheels to someone else, then you can enjoy the mesmerizing views by yourself.

Local Shortcuts and Cut-throughs:

Experienced drivers may know about shortcuts and less-known routes to reach their destinations faster. Especially during peak traffic times, offering time-saving alternatives for commuters. If you are a very busy individual on whom the load of the whole company is there, then hiring a corporate service is the best solution for your comfort driving. Expert drivers will not only drive on your behalf but also know the local shortcuts and cut through through which you can save time and invest that important time in some other productive things.

Navigational Apps and Tools:

Many drivers in Dubai rely on GPS-based navigation apps to find the most efficient routes and avoid traffic jams, optimizing their travel efficiency using modern technology. A driver who is aware of modern technology will not only progress in his career, but also have other ways of moving forward in his professional life.

Road safety awareness:

Dubai places a strong emphasis on road safety. Responsible drivers know traffic rules and regulations, contributing to a secure and harmonious driving environment in the city. No driver service company hires a driver who keeps on ignoring the traffic rules and regulations, and gets heavy fines. Because the company is responsible for paying the fine, that is why it is a negative point in the career of drivers to keep on getting fines.


We have discussed various aspects of driver’s local knowledge and expertise in the UAE. You can also conduct surveys or interviews with experienced drivers, taxi drivers, or professional chauffeurs. You can also analyze GPS navigation data to understand common routes and traffic patterns in the city. Keep in mind that local knowledge may vary among different groups of drivers based on their experiences and backgrounds. Also, if you need a safe driver who is perfect with everything, then hire a safe driver with us. Our drivers are fully trained and our services are RTA-approved.